Is Shaun S aka shaun4192 a gay guy?

Name: Shaun S
Location: Ohio
Email: moc.o1675256672ohay@16752566722914n1675256672uahs1675256672

We previously had Shaun listed on our list of possible gay guys and pic traders. He/She had been reported last year.

Then Shaun contacted someone else through a personal ad and wanting to see pictures. The guy responded he was not interested in other men. Emails reported to us show Shaun claimed to be a 34 year old woman using her boyfriend’s email address.

Are we the only one’s who find it strange that a woman used her boyfriends email to hit up other men for pics?

After the guy again said he wasn’t interested Shaun became irate and sent a email full of cursing and slurs. When that happened the guy googled Shaun and found him here.

We couldn’t find any info or pictures for Shaun, can anyone help us out with more info?

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