Is Sharon Coello a fake?


Name: Sharon Coello
Email: moc.l1685826440iamg@1685826440snoit1685826440cudor1685826440Paide1685826440M.C.S1685826440
Sharon claims to be a model, photographer and grad of New York University. We couldn’t find Sharon on any of the big modeling and photography website or listed as a graduate of NYU. Many of her photos came up as belonging to two photographers; Lucinda Wedge and Shane Willis.

According to the report we received, whenever she was asked to meet or videochat online, anything that would reveal her real face, Sharon Coello would agree and then have some horrible accident and not be able to make the date.

So is Sharon Coello a fake?

Sharon Coello

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  1. This is most definitely a fake photo. I've known her personally, and she looks nothing like a model. What I'd like to know is how you all came upon her as a fake?

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