Name: Shannon Ariane Meyn
Other Names: Shan
Birthday: March 19 1975*
Physical Description:5’1″ 120lb brown /graying hair deep lines under eyed*
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Email: moc.l1686144952iamg@16861449522nyem1686144952nahs1686144952 and moc.l1686144952iamg@1686144952nyemn1686144952ahs1686144952
Phone: 587-920-6938   587-926-6342
Instagram: reported but account could not be found

She is a covert narcissist  she has tortured me for 2 years. I now have been diagnosed  with  severe PTSD   and DEPRESSION she has lied cheating stolen hit me and mentally abused me. She gave me chlamydia and escorts even though I make 100+ a year and share

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