Is Sara Majewski a cheater?


Name: Sara Majewski
Other Names:
Location: Tennessee USA
Email: moc.o1679661050ohay@167966105062dem1679661050ssim1679661050
Facebook: sends her pics to guys, talks to them online and then never shows up for dates. Is she a player or a cheater?

Update #1: We first wrote that Sara was a fake or a player. Today a guy wrote us to tell her he had been dating this woman and she cheated on him. He also said her name was Sara Majewski and sent the bikini pics we placed in the album below.

Update #2: Its been more than a year and we are still getting reports about Sara. Today a couple wrote saying Sara replied to an ad they had online. They told us they corresponded a few times and Sara asked for nude pics. When they sent PG rated ones she stopped responding. We added to the album below a few pornographic photos (we edited and posted the pics that weren’t to graphic) that Sara had sent to them.

Update October 2012: and we received more reports about Sara from another man that said he was played by Sara. He sent us Sara’s updated photos and we added them below

Update October 2015: Sarah is back at it and advertising escort services in Tennessee

9 Replies to “Is Sara Majewski a cheater?”

  1. Ok so I seen a post that she posted last night. She says she is looking for a couple to hook up with. She will be in Los Angeles November 7th-11th.

  2. I tried to go look for the post and somebody had flagged for removal. I remember the pictures and they are the same ones that you have posted on here nothing new

  3. Completely Fake. Any TRAMP in a Relationship with me for 8 + years,
    Go behind my back of this,scagg.

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