Is Sandy Bricker a player?

Name: Sandy Bricker
Other Names: Sandy Revere
Description: 5’8 skinny 34D
Location: Noblesville Indiana USA
Phone Number: 317-420-5398 

A man met Sandy Bricker online. Screenshots of their messages show that she was looking for something casual. The messages also show she liked to talk dirty and told the man about the kind of sex she was into. They made plans to meet for sex but a few days before their hookup Sandy ghosted.

Update February 2020: Another man contacted us with more information. In the messages he had it shows Sandy told him that she didn’t trust men because they played lots of games. She also said that she was looking for someone honest and real and kept their promises. They made a date but Sandy canceled a few hours before their date. They kept talking and made plans to meet another time. Just before they were supposed to meet for the second date Sandy stopped responding to his messages. He tried calling her but Sandy had ghosted him also.
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  1. She did the same thing to me but we never planned to have sex. We just had a date and she canceled and then ghosted like you said. I thought maybe something had happened to her. So I looked online and found all this. Kept saying how much she hated games and the entire time she was playing me too.

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