Is Sandra Cheney McNatt a player?

Name: Sandra Cheney McNatt
Other Names:  Sandi McNatt, Sandra McNatt, Sandi Cheney, 1sandibeachgirl, sandimcnatt
Birthday: 1962
Physical Description:
Location: Melbourne Florida USA
Email: moc.l1685828106iamg@1685828106lrigh1685828106caebi1685828106dnas11685828106
Phone: 321-423-3202

Sandi McNatt met a man on Tinder. According to the messages they talked about sex and made plans to hook up. Sandi didn’t show up for their meeting. When the man messaged her to find out what happen Sandi unmatched him.


Sandi Cheney McNatt
Sandi Cheney McNatt
Sandi Cheney McNatt on KarmaSiren

2 Replies to “Is Sandra Cheney McNatt a player?”

  1. Sandi Mcnatt have friends writing to make excuses for her. We not listen to friends. If Sandi want to talk to us Sandi write us not time wasting people

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