Review Someone

We accept reviews on any of the following
Fake/Spammer/Scammer – someone that is attempting some kind of scam or is not real
Cheater – a man or woman that is in a committed relationship and cheating
Liar/Player  – People that don’t show up for dates or ghost (say they are interested and then stop responding to messages)
Crazy – a person that is crazy, harassing, abusive or a stalker

How To Review Someone
Reporting someone a man or woman is easy. Just follow the steps below.
(please to make sure you read what we do not allow before submitting your review)

Step 1: Copy the italicized part below

Other Names:
Physical Description:
Dating Profiles:

Other Links:

Step 2: Start an )moc.1695431898neris1695431898amrak1695431898@ofni1695431898( lia1695431898me1695431898 and title it with the name of the person you are reviewing.

Step 3: Paste in the part you just copied. Fill out as much of the information as you can about the person you want to review and write a short description of why you review them.

Step 4: Attach pictures of them. Include proof of your review. Screenshots of messages they sent you admitting they are cheating or not responding to messages about broken dates. Do not add messages to the pictures, edit or change them in anyway.

Keep the following in mind.

  • One review per email. You review more person you send email for each.
  • Only send files that prove person lied, cheated or played games. This mean screenshots of texts where they agree to meet and then you asking why they not show up? Or you asking why they cheated and them replying
  • Screenshots must show phone number or email address of person
  • Do not embed files like on iphone. Always send as attachment.
  • If trying to send files to big for email use anonymous service and send us the link

Step 5: Send the email to us at moc.n1695431898erisa1695431898mrak@1695431898ofni1695431898

We only check this email from internet cafe here so no one can track us. If we don’t reply right away be patient, we check email a few times a month.

What You Should Share

Expressing your opinion is best done calmly and coherently. Use good grammar. That means complete sentences that start with a capital letter, include punctuation and end with a period. If you want to share more than a few lines, paragraphs make reading and understanding much easier.

People listen to opinions that are clearly expressed.

What You Should NOT Share

  • Foul language, inflammatory, racist or sexist comments.
  • Threats of any sort.
  • Any specific workplace or contact info such as the name of the company they work for or their work email address
  • Reviews about more than one person at a time such as families or couples
  • Pictures with multiple people in them
  • Links to file sharing services such as Dropbox or any link that could be tracked

This is not a place to seek revenge, it is a way to warn others. These type of reviews or comments will NOT be accepted.