Is Reba Gingerich abusive?

Name: Reba Gingerich
Other Names: will introduce herself as Rebecca
Birthday: 12/6/1984 or close to that
Physical Description: Hispanic, 5’1 several tattoos. Some unfinished.
Location: Dallas Fort Worth Texas USA
Dating Profiles: frequents bumble, match.

I met Reba on bumble midway through 2020. I had been recovering from a serious accident. She introduced herself as Rebecca, but soon told me her real name (Reba) she was very charming and charismatic at first. She came on very strong, (love bombing) and was very soon pushing to get married. We were soon engaged and the red flags flew fast and furious. The marriage still happened though. I do not want to rehash my entire relationship, however I will say that Reba is extremely emotionally abusive, passive aggressive and she is a liar. She cheats, she gaslights, and she manipulates men. After just six months, she discarded me. Six months later she used fake numbers and e mails in order to create a fake scenario for her to try to Hoover me back in. I did not know at the time, but she was in the process of discarding the next relationship. Soon that person contacted me. He revealed proof of her infidelity with others, as well as the fact that she had given him an STD. Six months later I was contacted by another man, with the same story. She has two children who she has under her complete control. They participate in her lies. She has shown a total lack of even the understanding of empathy. She can not be reasoned with. Be very careful.

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