Is Rachel Cohen from Los Angeles a player?

Name: Rachel Cohen
Other Names:
Birthday:  1980
Physical Description: 5’4″ 135 size 4/6 petite 34C
Location: Los Angeles, California USA
Phone: 919-594-7032

Review: Connected on Tinder and she said she was just in town for a few days and wanted to hook up. We made plans to have sex and she never showed up never responded to messages either. Total player.

#2 review: Yes she is a player. She was in town and wanted to hook up. Fed me a bunch of lines and sent me dirty pics. We made plans but then she stopped answering my calls and disappeared.

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  1. So I met her on Tinder in May and for weeks she fed me a bunch of lines. We never met but she definitely played me. Can I send you the text messages?

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