What is a proof pic? How do you make a proof photo? Why do I need a proof picture?

People email us and leave comments all the time asking us to help them figure out if  someone is a fake. Our answer is always the same, ask them to send you a proof pic.

What is a proof pic?
A proof pic basically proves a person is who they say they are. It is normally a recent picture of that person holding up a sign of some sort. On the sign they write something you and they have agreed on. It can be a username, a special word or their email address. Then send the original FULL SIZE photo.

What does a proof pic prove?
A proof pic proves you aren’t just stealing pictures from the internet and sending them out as yours. It also proves the picture is recent and you aren’t sending pics from when you were younger/skinnier/better looking.

How do I make a proof pic?
It is pretty simple. Agree on what should be on the sign. Take a piece of paper, write the agreed word or phrase on the paper. Hold the sign up next to your face while you take a picture (either with a friend or in a mirror).

Can I just print something out?
No, it really should be in your own handwriting because people can use picture editing programs to type words in. Handwriting is harder to fake

Why should I size the original full size photo?
If it is the original it shows you haven’t edited it

What if they don’t have a camera?
If they don’t have a camera they can ask a friend to take the picture for them. If they don’t have any friends then there probably is a good reason for that and you should avoid them.

Why is a proof pic important?
It is really easy to steal pics from the internet. Anyone can go on Facebook or ModelMayhem and do it. A proof pic is not hard to take. It shows someone is sincere and not playing games.

If a suspect in a crime refused to take a DNA taste most people would think he had something to hide and he was guilty. If someone refuses to send a proof pic they probably have something to hide or are not really interested. It is likely they are just playing games.

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