Is Paddy Boyd a player?

Paddy Boyle on KarmaSiren
Paddy Boyle on KarmaSiren
Name: Paddy Boyd
Other Names:
Birthday: 1959
Description: Breast implants, lots of facial surgery
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Phone: 832-724-0711
Dating Profiles:

According to the messages we saw Paddy met a man because she wanted to have a discreet sexual relationship. In the messages she talked about how attractive she was and was in beauty contests. She also judged people based on their appearance. The man said that he made plans to go out with her a few times but she always canceled.

4 Replies to “Is Paddy Boyd a player?”

  1. Seems as though people would have better things to do than to make up things about this lovely lady. She is the greatest woman I’ve ever known. Any questions please feel free to call me @ ###-###-####.

  2. [Comment removed because it was not about the person being reviewed]

  3. To review someone here they make you send in proof about what you say in the review. I guess that shows these people don’t really know her that well

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