Our Story

I went to school in America for 6 years. I fell in love with highways and supermarkets while I was there. The one thing that continually shocked me was that there is no honor.

Here in my country when someone lies or steals or cheats everyone knows and they become an outcast. Everyone is told about this bad person did and they are shunned. In America you are sue crazy and people can lie and cheat but no one can say anything because they are afraid to stand up for themselves.

After I received my degree my visa expired and I returned to my country and started working for a tech company that always deals with Americans because we are “cheaper”. Even in your business you lie to each other and have no honor. Then an America friend was hurt bad by a girl. We find out that she had done this lots of times. I told him I would post it to the internet here where no one can sue me.

I posted to forum and everyone said it was such a good idea a friend and I start this.

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