October 2015 list of possible cheaters, scammers, fakes and players

If you have any information about these people, please contact us through our reports page

Trying to scam a man online

Other Names: 1933stef and barnyfife268
Email: moc.l1670433913iamg@1670433913862ef1670433913ifynr1670433913ab1670433913
From the reports we saw Steff tried scamming a guy out of bitcoins online using fake information.

Name: unknown
Email: moc.l1670433913iamg@1670433913321ne1670433913enida1670433913ras1670433913
Wrote a personal ad pretending to be a woman

Name: Unknown
Email: moc.l1670433913oa@tm1670433913e22en1670433913igne1670433913

Name: Jezabelle Martinez
Email: moc.l1670433913iamto1670433913h@meh1670433913yamle1670433913dom.a1670433913ras1670433913
Reports are that Jezabelle is a fake or a game player. The person reporting her said she may be a gay guy trying to get pics. He said they talked about meeting but she would not send her pic or talk on the phone.

Name: Sonya aka S Discretion
Email: moc.o1670433913ohay@1670433913noite1670433913rcsid1670433913s1670433913
This person answers ads claiming to be a woman and that she is traveling to the area and would like to meet. In her ad she says she is cheating on her husband and needs to stay discreet. When asked for pictures she provides pics stolen from porn sites.

Name: Emily Studer
Email: moc.l1670433913iamg@167043391362red1670433913utse1670433913
Reports are this is a gay guy pretending to be a woman. We did a search for the pics and the butt pic sent in to us but they showed up all over as commonly used by fakes.

Name: Tayler Murray
Email: moc.o1670433913ohay@167043391307yar1670433913rum.r1670433913olyat1670433913
No, that isn’t a typo. Tayler’s emails have Tayler spelled with an “E” yet his email address is spelled with an “O”. Either way Tayler wrote a straight guy who placed an ad looking for a woman and Tayler asked to take pictures of the straight guy in various sexual acts.

Name: Debbie
Email: moc.o1670433913ohay@1670433913222et1670433913avirp1670433913etavi1670433913rp1670433913
The usual story about emailing a guy wanting to meet and have sex with him but refusing to send a pic or share any info about herself. All we could tell from her email is that she has an iPhone.

Name: Unknown
Email: awcomeonitsnotthatbamoc.l1670433913iamg@1670433913d1670433913
This person seems to just like playing games on Craigslist. Doesn’t share their name or picture. Just plays with people pretending to be interested and then stops responding

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