Is Nadezhda Sanchez a player?

Name: Nadezhda Sanchez
Other Names: Nadya Sanchez
Physical Description: 5’4 dark blond hair
Location: Raleigh North Carolina USA
Phone: 513-290-3287

I met Nadya on POF and from the beginning our conversation is weird. She responds at weird hours and when I ask her questions about herself like she avoids them or ignores them. The only thing she told me is she is from Russia and she doesn’t talk on the phone. We went to dinner and had a great time. She told me she wanted to see me again and we made plans for a second date. I went but she never showed up and I never heard from her again. I went to the restaurant and she never came.

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2 Replies to “Is Nadezhda Sanchez a player?”

  1. Her name is Nadezhda Sanchez and she is kind of crazy. Not sure what is wrong with her but she definitely has issues with men and dating. I don’t believe she means to play games I think she just has a hard time being honest so she lies because it is easier

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