Is Monica Bales a player?

Name: Monica Bales
Other Names:
Birthday: December 15 1973
Physical Description: 5’1″ 120lbs short blond hair
Phone:  317-538-1916 and 317-667-8697

Monica met a man on Tinder and gave him her number. They made plans to go on a date but Monica canceled. She offered to make it up to him and said she wanted to meet for sex. She then told him about how she was into kinky sex and orgies so he agreed. She canceled several more times before he gave up.

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  1. she is on OKCupid and made dates but she canceled every time. She tells a bunch of horrible stories about how hard her life is and I believed her and felt bad. She stopped responding so I googled her to see if something had happened to her. She was lying to me the entire time? the phone number she gave me is 317-667-8697

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