Is Melissa Merriman a player?

Name: Melissa Merriman
Other Names: Mishka Von Skate
Birthday:  1982
Physical Description:
Location: Greensburg, Pennsylvania USA
Phone: 412-610-4188
Snapchat: mishkavon
Dating Profiles:

Other Links:

Accoring to the reports Melissa Merriman met a man on Tinder and they discussed dating and sex. She also sent him naughty pics on Snapchat. They made plans to meet in person but Melissa never showed and stopped responding to his messages.

Is Melissa a player?





11 Replies to “Is Melissa Merriman a player?”

  1. A person’s is entitled to change their mind. For some reason she decided not to meet the person.
    I don’t know her personally. But, it appears she’s very pretty and could choose whomever in the dating game.
    It’s not like she actually took from the person in anyway..
    I.E. material objects like cars, jewerly, money etc.

  2. You are right she didn’t ask for money so she’s not a scammer. She just uses a fake name and leads us on sending dirty pictures and making plans to meet for sex but not showing up. That makes her a player

  3. Actually she did take my money. She insisted on gifts and other things, promising that we would have sex, as we had already met before. She is a scammer, as I never saw her again.

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