Is Melisa Cinbat a player?

Name: Melisa Cinbat
Other Names: kermetnerd on AIM and kermetfreak on MSN
Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA
Emails: moc.o1685831889ohay@1685831889405co1685831889sa1685831889

We are told that Melisa is a cute young Turkish woman living in Indianapolis. Supposedly she likes to frequent the BDSM websites and talk to guys online, put on shows for them. Then she promises to meet and never shows up. The guy who told us all this drove from Chicago to meet her and she never showed up, didn’t even return his phone calls.

Update: Mehmet Bodurr wrote claiming to be Melisa’s boyfriend. He asked that we take her pictures down. He said that she would never have done anything like we reported. We asked how it happened and he couldn’t answer. We asked how many guys she sent nude pics to and he didn’t know that either. We suggested that she apologize to the guy she had blown off but she couldn’t even remember. We think this means that Melisa has done this many times and cannot think of all the men she sent her pictures to. There were several things wrong with his story which you can read about here.

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