Is Megan Kopeschka-Scott a player?

Name: Megan Kopeschka-Scott
Other Names: Megan Kopeschka and Megan Scott
Description: 5’8 34D (fake breasts) 27″ waist
Location: Pendleton Indiana USA
Email: moc.o1686140103ohay@1686140103eipge1686140103mecae1686140103p1686140103
Phone: 765-419-0442
Instagram: PeaceMegPie

Megan met a man online and sent him naughty pics but lied and said she took them just for him when she had been sending them to other guys. He busted her for lying and she went nuts on him.

A few weeks later she came back and admitted she had lied. She offered to make it up to him by taking him to a concert. According to the text messages and emails we saw he drove 2 hours to meet her. He picked her up and they went to dinner. While waiting for their table she asked him to buy her a drink while she went outside to call her daughter. Then she never came back. She had the ticket she promised him so he had to buy a new one and go to the concert by himself.

He had other pics of her that proved his story including nude pics she sent him. He also said she had a specific physical characteristic she hid in her photos and never mentioned but didn’t say what that was.

September 2015 Update: Another man has contacted us and provided evidence he knew Megan personally. He said Megan often used men to get what she wanted and led them on but then “threw them away” when she was had gotten what she wanted. He showed us text messages where Megan wanted work done on her house and admitted to pretending she was interested in a guy so he would “help her out”.

June 2016 Update: Megan contacted us from her email address and admitted everything the first guy said was true and that they had even had sex which he had not told us. She admitted that after having sex she ditched him on the way to the concert because “she changed her mind”. She claimed the second story about using the handyman was not true.

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17 Replies to “Is Megan Kopeschka-Scott a player?”

  1. We have removed the last comment because it contained threats. If you would like to leave a comment and add to the discussion you are welcome to do so but we do not accept threats.

  2. LMAO WHATEVER KARMASIREN!!! People like you don’t have anything better to do than try to justify your little dick syndrome which is the reason why you got shut down by a beautiful woman in the first place!! Maybe you should find something better to do with your time ya think? I’m outta here…go find something to do loser!!

  3. This website is crap. To the guy originally reporting me as a player: I am sorry your teeth were grotesque and that you smelled, & that you wanted to be my dom & perform on some sex toy & have an open relationship. I have a right to change my mind about you. Does that make me a player? No. Maybe I handled things the wrong way with the concert but didn’t know what to do to get away from you. And yes I have fake breasts & a congenital birth defect. Excuse me for being shy about that btw i don’t want to be DEFINED by it. I guess vyou got revenge because I didn’t want to be with you though, as a man I finally met who I felt respected me, has had doubt planted in his head because of all this.

  4. Sounds like it wasn’t just one guy who get used and screwed over by you. Also sounds like this new guy isn’t stupid enough to fall for your lies and games. Ya definitely a player

  5. Your excuses are bull because you were lying before we even met. You lied when you sent me dirty pics that were 6 months old but you said you had just taken them for me. You lied about nobody else seeing those pics but a bunch of guys had. You lied about not talking to any other guys. You lied about the sex. Everything you said was a lie from beginning to end. If that guy falls for your lies after reading all this then I feel sorry for him.

  6. And it’s not about revenge it’s about warning other people before you use them and hurt them to

  7. (Part of this comment was removed because included information about other people. If you would like to share information about other people you must contact us directly).

    So what if I wanted to change my mind about you when we met, that is my right. Maybe I handled it wrong, but that doesn’t make me a player. A player is someone who uses people to get something they want. I can’t pretend.

  8. If she is going to keep acting the victim and like it isn’t a big deal that she screwed this guy over like that you should post those nudie pics of her.

  9. I got no dog in this fight but I got some advice for u. The reason people don’t respect u none is u lie to em and screw em over.

  10. To the person who originally reviewed Megan. If you want us to use the other pics to prove she is lying please contact us directly.

  11. Megan is still respected. I respect her absolutely. I have known her since high school. Love her to death! Anytime I need her she would be there as I would for her! She is the best! I love EVERYTHING about her!

  12. I have known her for about two years and she is still crazy and playing games. She told me the reason she ditched that guy after having sex with him is because his teeth were messed up. You guys don’t know that her hand is messed up from a birth defect and she is a hypocrite that likes to make fun of people but then never shows her hand in pics. You would think people would outgrow the childish bullshit but she doesn’t.

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