Mega Fake and Player List

We have been getting a ton of emails and don’t have to make a page for each one. We decided the best solution is to make a mega list of spammers, fakes and game players. Later we can give the ones that deserve more infamy their own page.

Fat old man pretending to be younger women

Another gay man

Gay guy or player

Guy pretending to be women

Answered sex ad on craigslist and then began harassing the person

David Day moc.o1675257170ohay@167525717000yad1675257170evad1675257170
Bisexual male that hits on straight guys and couples 

Makes excuses for not sending pics and then harrasses someone when they aren’t interested

Christine moc.o1675257170ohay@1675257170noits1675257170euqkc1675257170irtas1675257170ti1675257170
Older woman looking for younger men. Not sure if she is really a woman because she never sent a pic or any details about herself but was extremely rude in the emails we read. 

Shawntina Huntley AKA “Mz.Rashid 2 kold” moc.l1675257170iamg@1675257170dlok.1675257170lrig.1675257170tad1675257170
Reports are she is a black woman that uses guys for their money. When confronted with about it she gets irate

Steve Poe aka Robert Poe
Reportedly claims to have a girlfriend and is looking for guys and other couples to have sex with. Harrasses people when they won’t send him pics.

Large woman that refuses to send pics when answering ads

Sheryl Freeman moc.o1675257170ohay@167525717066eer1675257170fls1675257170
Another listing as a game player. Likes to mess with guys online and never sends any real pics. We looked up her email and its on a bunch of plastic surgery websites about liposuction.

Old fat man pretending to be couple and asking for dirty pics

Christine moc.l1675257170iamg@1675257170111ec1675257170alpte1675257170rces1675257170
We are told that Christine is another one of those game players that likes to talk dirty and do the online fantasy thing but never meets guys.

“M M” moc.o1675257170ohay@1675257170dnifm1675257170m1675257170
We are told that she says she is 6’1 160 pounds but refuses to send a pic. When dates were planned she never showed up

dani mazz moc.l1675257170iamg@167525717003zza1675257170minad1675257170
We are told that this one is afraid to send her pics but wants people to meet her sight unseen and pay her for sex

Jasmine Jones moc.l1675257170iamg@167525717012lle1675257170wensr1675257170m1675257170
We are told that never sends her pic, never meets up

We are told that she says she is a skinny chic and has lost a lot of weight but when she sends pics she is hugely obese

Cat Mitchell moc.m1675257170ia@wo1675257170wamaz1675257170ahs1675257170 
Supposedly Cat is a player that pretends to want a boyfriend, uses guys for their money, gets them to buy her weed, pay her bills and then when they are broke she disappears.

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