Is Mary PetMSJCode a scammer or a fake?

Name: Mary
Other Names: 33132petmsj561
Physical Description: redhead, overweight with large breasts
Email: moc.l1695435611iamg@1695435611edocj1695435611smtep1695435611
Phone Number: 786-651-5069
A man met Mary online and her first message to him was about sex and she gave him a phone number. She told him a story about her phone being damaged in a flood so she couldn’t answer calls but could text. He was immediately suspicious so he looked up the number and realized she was lying because it is a fake phone number that can only text. He also thought the pics were stolen from a porn site so he reported her to us. The pics are stolen but because many are pornographic we can only post a few here.
Do you think Mary is a scammer or a fake? Leave your comment below.

4 Replies to “Is Mary PetMSJCode a scammer or a fake?”

  1. yes, she is a scammer, the pics are hers but she will ask you to support her while she stays in Miami, she claims if you really want to own her you will support her until she is ready to move to you.

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