Is Mandita a scammer?

Matilda (765) 287-5022

Name: Mandita

Location: Indiana

Phone Number: 765-287-5022

Dating Profiles: eharmony

A man met Mandita on eHarmony. Aftee talking for awhile on the app he suggested they meet. They chatted online several times but whenever he would ask to call her on the phone or go on a date she would stop responding.

We checked Mandita’s phone number and it is from a fake phone number app that scammers often use.

Do you think Mandita is a scammer?


Updated December 2021: A second man also met Mandita online. He said after they started texting her profile had been banned from eHarmony for being a scam. Their text messages show that she made excuses about being banned so the man asked to video chat and Mandita  agreed. Any time the second man asked to video chat Mandita made more excuses. He tried calling her and that is when he realized she lied about it being her cellphone phone number. He looked the number up and found Mandita here. At the time he contacted us Mandita had still never video chatted and would only text.


Matilda (765) 287-5022


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