Name: Lynn
Other Names: Marie Carter
Location: Ohio USA
Email: moc.o1695430974ohay@169543097436ret1695430974rac.e1695430974iram1695430974
Phone: 513-274-3250

Lynn answered an ad online looking for sex. She originally told the guy her name is Marie Carter and then later said it was lynn. They talked and she sent him dirty pics. They made plans to meet for sex a few times but she kept canceling.

Lynn later told the guy she was married and looking to cheat on her husband. The reason she had to cancel was her scheduled changed to keep him from finding out.

Do you think Lynn is a cheater?

17 Replies to “Is Lynn a cheater?”

  1. Hey, just saw this and yes she is a cheater.
    I have lots of details, haven’t talked to her in a few years.
    leave a contact email on here if you want details.

  2. [Message removed. If anyone have information about her contact us directly]

  3. [Comment removed because it was vulgar and did not add useful information]

  4. Yes, she did a gangbang with me and another dude a few years ago. If anyone else knows her, leave a post on here and I can provide more details

  5. Her name is Lynn
    Does anyone know if her husband knows about her? How many other guys have had fun with Lynn?

  6. I met Lynn a few years ago, we actually met at WalMart then went out to her car. Anyone else have encounters with her?

  7. [comment removed. If you have information to share do it here. Do not post your contact info]

  8. Wow, can’t believe she is on here. She was the center of a gangbang with some friend a few years ago. She said she was married and did this for fun without her husband knowing. I remember she liked having guys shoot on her tits.

  9. I googled the her email after I lost touch with her and found this on KarmaSiren. I guess I am not the only guy to fuck with her. Said her name was Lynn. I met her on CL a few years ago, we used to meet at the park in Fairfield and she would blow me in her car.
    She always had a box of tissues in her car so she could clean up

  10. She is a cheater and [Comment edited because mentioned obscene acts. Do not describe in detail sex acts you have with this person.]

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