Is Liz Lawson-Werrmann a player or a cheater?
Liz Lawson-Werrmann
Name: Liz Lawson-Werrmann
Other Names:
Description: 5’10, 38D
Location: Kentucky
Phone: 859-###-7820
Dating Profiles: LizzyLou1980 on

380. Liz met a guy online and they exchanged numbers. They talked and texted a lot. In their conversations Liz described herself physically and what she was into sexually. They agreed to meet the guy for a date but Liz didn’t show up and after that she stopped responding to his phone calls or messages.

A few months later the guy saw Liz on and decided to text her again. At first she was confused and thought he was a different guy. When she realized who he was she responded she had been in a relationship with someone and that is why she didn’t show up.

So is Liz a player or a cheater?


One thought on “Is Liz Lawson-Werrmann a player or a cheater?

  1. Player. Had this happen to me a few times. Most likely she had a b/f and they were fighting and you were her possible sideman. They made up and you were no longer needed. Always remember: don’t waste too much time texting, calling and dreaming – insist on a meet-up early on to make sure she’s what you think she is. Women play games worse than men do.

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