Is Liz Lawson-Werrmann a player or a cheater?

Liz Lawson-Werrmann
Name: Liz Lawson-Werrmann
Description: 5’10, 38D
Location: Kentucky USA
Phone: 859-380-7820

Liz met a guy online and they exchanged numbers. They talked and texted a lot. In their conversations Liz described herself physically and what she was into sexually. They agreed to meet the guy for a date but Liz didn’t show up and after that she stopped responding to his phone calls or messages.

A few months later the guy saw Liz on and decided to text her again. At first she was confused and thought he was a different guy. When she realized who he was she responded she had been in a relationship with someone and that is why she didn’t show up.

So is Liz a player or a cheater?

2 Replies to “Is Liz Lawson-Werrmann a player or a cheater?”

  1. Player. Had this happen to me a few times. Most likely she had a b/f and they were fighting and you were her possible sideman. They made up and you were no longer needed. Always remember: don’t waste too much time texting, calling and dreaming – insist on a meet-up early on to make sure she’s what you think she is. Women play games worse than men do.

  2. She’s a cheater, liar, self centered stuck up bitch. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s feelings. She’ll lead you on, date for a while, maybe even years all while looking for the next best thing to come along. [Information about other people removed] She has a very tight group of male friends and co workers so she’s most likely involved with various men whom are married because she won’t let that stop her. She treats females in her life like dog shit because she feels she’s better than them when she’s not. She can’t even look a guy straight in the eyes because she knows she’s leading them on and she’s full of crap.

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