Is Lisa Omasta a cheater?

Name: Lisa Omasta
Other Names: Lisa Anne Bugash, Reddaisy2010, reddaisy1
Description: red hair, 5’8, 140lbs
Location: Virginia
Email: moc.l1664900241iamg@1664900241hsagu1664900241b1664900241
Phone: 301-943-7990 and 3019437990
Facebook: and
Dating Profiles:

Lisa is a redhead woman in her late 30s that lives outside Columbus, OH. She joined Ashley Madison which is a website we have mentioned in the past.

Update June 2012: We still haven’t been able to get any photos but we have another report that Lisa is now meeting men in the Chicago area.  With that information and some of the other info that was if her emails that were forwarded to us we were able to find her now in Chicago.


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