Is Lindsey Tabar a player?
Name: Lindsey Tabar
Other Names:
Physical Description: 5’9 size 10 36B
Location: Cleveland Ohio USA
Phone: 4405037478 440-503-7478
Dating Profiles:

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Review: Met Lindsey on Tinder and we hit it right off. She is obviously a party girl and told me about all the crazy stuff she was into. We hooked up a few times and she was always sending dirty pics on snapchat she is into some kink sex. I was cool with that and thought it was going somewhere but she ghosted on me. Havent heard from her since.


3 thoughts on “Is Lindsey Tabar a player?

  1. 1) I wasn’t on tinder when you claim this happened 2) I AM NOT A SIZE FUCKING 10. 3) Even if it did happen, what kind of whiny little bitch wastes their time posting some butt hurt nonsense about me being a player. Lol. Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad that it happened.
    Side note: which one of my boner co-workers posted on here? Funny shit

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