Is Lindsey Tabar a player?
Name: Lindsey Tabar
Other Names:
Physical Description: 5’9 size 10 36B
Location: Cleveland Ohio USA
Phone: 440-503-7478
Dating Profiles:

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Review: Met Lindsey on Tinder and we hit it right off. She is obviously a party girl and told me about all the crazy stuff she was into. We hooked up a few times and she was always sending dirty pics on snapchat she is into some kink sex. I was cool with that and thought it was going somewhere but she ghosted on me. Havent heard from her since.


7 thoughts on “Is Lindsey Tabar a player?

  1. 1) I wasn’t on tinder when you claim this happened 2) I AM NOT A SIZE FUCKING 10. 3) Even if it did happen, what kind of whiny little bitch wastes their time posting some butt hurt nonsense about me being a player. Lol. Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad that it happened.
    Side note: which one of my boner co-workers posted on here? Funny shit

  2. Post them. I’m giving you permission right now. PROVE this took place. I’m not denying that this all SOUNDS like things I’ve done, but the time line is WAY off. So if I understand correctly, anyone can write to your website and say whatever they want about another person, Anonymously, of course, and you’ll post it as fact? This is fucking hilarious. Do you take any responsibility for putting people’s well being in danger? You’ve published my number, pictures and Facebook, which are all taken from private settings. Are you at all concerned for the safety of those you feature on this website? My guess, is no. Some sad boi comes to you with a made up story and from the safety of your keyboard you publish these lives. Someone is going to end up hurt and not just emotionally. May God have mercy on your pathetic little souls.

  3. We do not post pictures like the ones you sent on our website because our website is not pornographic. We do not post it as fact. It is a review and we make people send us proof before we put their review on our website. It up to people to decide if they believe or not. You admit it sound like things you do to people and you have done it so often you not remember who.

  4. She is definitely loose with the sex but she told me that was cuz she used to be a drunk and she had stopped drinking. I don’t know its true cuz you can’t believe anything she says. She always got a lie and excuse at the ready

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