Is Li Burk a player?

Name: Li Burke
Other Names: Li Ruan
Physical Description: 5’3, 120, black hair Chinese
Phone: 513-805-8919

I found Li online and we agreed to go out for a date. She canceled though and so we made another and she canceled again. She also wouldn’t talk on the phone and all the games she played I think it may be a scam. Can you help me figure out if she is a real or fake?

We looked at the screenshots and messages to figure out Li Ruan Burke is a real person.

Update August 2019: Met Li online and we agreed to meet for a date. A few hours before our date she canceled and rescheduled for the next day. Then she canceled again. This happened a four or five times and for a while she had some crazy story about being in Asia  on a mountain so I figured she is a fake and blew her off. She popped a few months later and told me she had been dating some guy long distance and just wanted to meet me for sex. I agreed to see if she was a real person and because I thought she was gorgeous. She wanted me to pay for a hotel though and I wasn’t going to waste my money after she had canceled so many times because I was fairly certain she would ghost again and she did. Few months go buy and she popped up again, told me she still wanted to have sex but every time I tried to make plans with her she has an excuse. Then she tells me she has a boyfriend again. I don’t know what you would call all that but I thought other guys she be warned.

Do you think she is a player? Leave a comment below.

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6 Replies to “Is Li Burk a player?”

  1. When was this? She was playing games with me months ago and then she told me she was dating another guy so I told her to go away. I heard from her today and found your site when I searched online. What should I do?

  2. She was my girl friend until few months ago I broke up with her. She lied to me so many times she only wants sex. She’ll do everything to get you hooked.

  3. A few months ago she was trying to get with me and saying she was single. She even tried to get me to get a hotel room for us to have sex. What were the dates you two were in a relationship?

  4. Wow this is making me famous ! No wonder past few months so many strangers added me on Facebook. Thanks a lot. Women like me no need hook anyone for sex . It’s obvious untrue . People can tell that is simple. Anyway funny as is.

  5. Hi dear website I am the victim of all above and please delete above info I am not a player and I don’t know this guy he kept calling me asking me out meet him I never did and my friend which is a police said I can call police and try to get him out by saying dating him in hotel and I did but I don’t want he got arrested by such childish thing then I changed mind cancelled it. Please delete those inform I think this guy is insane and those info harm my reputation and image. My daughter is only 8 I don’t want anything like this go to her friends or school teacher’s eyes please help me to delet it thanks . You can find me as real person and I don’t get hooked by those crazy man and it pissed him off and I don’t even know who this guy is.

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