Is Leanne Robinson a cheater?

Name: Leanne Robinson
Other Names: Leanne Skeet
Birthday: 10/11/69
Physical Description: Tall, slim, red hair
Location: Cambridge, New Zealand
Email: moc.l1679660286iamg@1679660286boren1679660286nael1679660286
Phone: +64-21-2659156    64212659156
Dating Profiles:

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Review: This nurse is a narcissistic serial cheat. She cheated on her ex-husband while they were married. She has been in an affair with a married colleague, all the while pretending to be single. She has many male friends and the guys she dates have no idea that she is sleeping with other men. She will take anything you give but never give back. Poison. Avoid at all costs.

12 Replies to “Is Leanne Robinson a cheater?”

  1. Leanne has violated our terms of service. If she would like to be removed she must conact us herself and any removal terms will be doubled.

  2. She is a cheating slut sleeping with married men at work and gun club. Would like to be there when dean’s partner finds out.

  3. Yes she is definitely a slut that doesn’t care about anybody else she is sleeping with dean a coworker and going on weekends with him while his partner has no idea. They also belong to a club together and meet there also

  4. [comment was removed because it is not about the person in the review. If you have information about other people you can send us your review by clicking the link at the top of the page]

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