Is Leann Shore a Crazy?
Name: Leanne Shore
Other Names: Leanne P
Physical Description:
Location: Ohio USA
Phone: 5133879103 513-387-9103
LinkedIn: Occupational Therapist
Dating Profiles:

Other Links:

Review: I met Leann on a dating site. I am sending you screenshots of our texts. Right away she starts complaining about other men. I tried to call her but she never answers. She texted a few times saying she would call later but never did. Most of Leanne’s texts are trash talkin men and about how abusive all men are. I told her we weren’t a match and she agreed, thought that was the end of it.

A few days later Leann starts texting me again. You can see from the texts I really am trying trying to be nice but she just won’t go away. Days later she is still texting me. When I won’t give into her crazy she just goes nuts on me. She calls me an an asshole and tells me I am to weak to handle her. I don’t want her kind of crazy. I had to block her because she wouldn’t stop harrassing me. Also the pictures she posts online of her in a dress are really old, she doesn’t look like that anymore. The car selfie is what she really looks like.

If anyone else has info about Leann please contact us.


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