Is Leann Shore a Crazy?

Name: Leanne Shore
Other Names: Leanne P
Physical Description:
Location: Ohio USA
Phone: 513-387-9103
LinkedIn: Occupational Therapist

Review: I met Leann on a dating site. I am sending you screenshots of our texts. Right away she starts complaining about other men. I tried to call her but she never answers. She texted a few times saying she would call later but never did. Most of Leanne’s texts are trash talkin men and about how abusive all men are. I told her we weren’t a match and she agreed, thought that was the end of it.

A few days later Leann starts texting me again. You can see from the texts I really am trying trying to be nice but she just won’t go away. Days later she is still texting me. When I won’t give into her crazy she just goes nuts on me. She calls me an an asshole and tells me I am to weak to handle her. I don’t want her kind of crazy. I had to block her because she wouldn’t stop harrassing me. Also the pictures she posts online of her in a dress are really old, she doesn’t look like that anymore. The car selfie is what she really looks like.

If anyone else has info about Leann please contact us.

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2 Replies to “Is Leann Shore a Crazy?”

  1. Leann … Or as I like to refer to her as 50 Shades of Crazy! When i dealt with her, she lived up near Kings Island. I actually met her and went out a few times … She is off-kilter and hyper sexual in attempts to snare a man. Constant messaging and photo texts was her 2017. Also made unannounced visits to house when not home to leave gifts or momentos. Consider yourself lucky if you have not heard from her since blocking …

  2. Most of what you described is what happened to me. How did you get her to leave you alone?

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