Lawyers make us laugh

We get message from someone who is outraged that we have allowed other people to review them. They use a series of begging, excuses and threats to try and get their information removed. We thought that most lawyers would be honest with them and the people would give up and go away. Then we realized that many American lawyers do not care if they win, they just want to take money from their clients.

So before you waste money on lawyer and make threats think about this:

  • We are not posting or sharing anything as facts. We are merely relaying the opinions of others. We are not responsible for the validity of any statements. We encourage all as responsible adults to decide for themselves. (Read the Terms of Use¬†)
  • We are not in USA or Europe so things like DMCA not law we have to obey
  • We run this website for many years and get messages from many lawyers. We are still here. They are not.
  • The same internet that allows many people to be fakes, liars, cheaters and players allows us to be anonymous in posting the reviews submitted. You cannot sue an email address that is only accessed from a public computer at a university or an internet cafe in Asia.
  • When we lived in the USA we learned how you Americans like to sue. But we do not live there anymore so you would have to find us and sue us here.
  • Many review websites¬†have been sued and the websites won. Then we get free publicity and more people find out about you.
  • Even if you have a friend that is a lawyer, you still have to pay for all the filing fees and will lose that money because no USA or Europe court have jurisdiction over us
  • If you sue us here, when going to court all the photos, emails and other information you have sent become a matter of permanent and public record. What judge or jury would look at someone who played those games and let them win?
  • There are back ups of everything, it won’t go away just because you waste your money on a lawyer.
  • Many times people send nude photos and we tell people not to post them online. If you cause more trouble the person who review you often do decide to post those pics.
The best way to deal with this is stop being bad person and do something good. You can also be removed by choosing from list on Removal page.

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  1. Thank you for your existence! Grateful beyond words!


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