Is Lainie Ipsa a player?

Name: Lainie Ipsa
Physical Description: 5’10 blonde 36DD
Location: Mason Ohio USA
Phone Number: 513-520-1135
Found her on Tinder and she was crazy from the start. Talked about how her ex husband was a mormon that wore special underwear and couldn’t get her off. She said she just wanted guys to have sex with and she was into some freaky stuff. She sent me lots of pics of her tits and playing with herself. Went over to her condo a few times when her kid wasn’t around and we had fun. Then she just started flaking out. She was always losing her job and having money problems. We would make plans and then she wouldn’t even be home but I would find out later she was with another guy. Think she was on one of those sugardaddy websites. I wouldn’t have cared just pissed that she was lying to me and wasting my time having me come over and then not even be there.
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  1. Sounds like the Lainie I knew. She and I were real friends, hung out and even met her daughter. Lainie was unreliable but sweet and thought what we had was going somewhere. I even helped her get a job and fake her resume. Then we had a 3some but after that whenever I would try to see her she always had an excuse. That was years ago and wheb I recently saw all this was going to warn her but when I called she was really rude to me. She wouldn’t even talk to me to tell me what was going on.

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