Is Kwesi Serraneau a player?

Name: Kwesi Serraneau
Other Names: K, Kay, Quincy, K.Sav
Birthday: 9/15/1997
Physical Description: 5’7″-5’9″
Location: Hackensack/North Jersey
Phone: 201-695-4114


Psychopath who only gaslights in order to cheat, and cheats
sloppily. He lovebombs anybody he can specifically using the word “love”.
It’s Lovebombing is mostly verbal combined with shared experience
activities, He will use these unasked for activities as leverage if you
allow him.

He is vegetarian and a heavy cannabis smoker. If he brings weed he has
already skimmed some for himself. He rarely hits women and as far as I know
only if extremely aggravated. He is a pathological liar who will try to
cover for it with false apologies until he has worn down his target enough
to attack them for pointing out the lies, when the attacks start when It
believes it has control.

It can’t maintain friendships and It attempts to fuck any female friends
It has as well as any of your friends. He is predatory but claims to only
go after females over 18, past experiences show this to be untrue, but in
the last few years he only grooms by text and DM.  Like most of these types
He will “borrow” money he has no intentions of paying.

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