Is Kristen Junge a Crazy?

Name: Kristin Junge
Other Names: blondebmbr
Birthday: 1966
Description: 5’6, blonde
Location: Mason Ohio USA
According to the messages we saw a man had met Kristin online and they talked some. He says that she acted strangely so he told her he wasn’t interested. The messages show when he told her that she went crazy and started calling him names. He says she talked about drinking a lot and he thought she may be an alcoholic.

3 Replies to “Is Kristen Junge a Crazy?”

  1. This man messaged me on Instagram and lied about his identity he said he was a US soldier and asked me for money. I found the person he was pretending to be and called him out and he posted this garbage about me. Anyone who knows me knows these things aren’t true! Shame
    On you!

  2. The man we hear from 4 years ago is definitely from USA and send screenshots of all your messages with him proving what he say is true

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