Is Kirstynne Jo MacCune a player or a cheater?

Name: Kirstynne Jo MacCune
Other Names: KJ MacCune
Description: 5’11 34C
Location: Boston Massachusetts and Cincinnati Ohio USA
Email: moc.l1686143592iamg@1686143592enucc1686143592amjk1686143592
Phone: 513-274-7630
Instagram: and
Dating Profiles:
The reviewer says that Kirstynne met him on a dating app and they made plans on several occasions to meet and even have sex. He showed us pics Kirstynne had sent of herself nude. He says Kirstynne would always break their dates and make an excuse but she continued sending him nude pics. He thought she was in a relationship and cheating.
Is Kirstynne a cheater or a player?

Update November 2016: Another man contacted us to review Kirstynne. He showed us text messages where she talked about wanting to be used as a slut and was into BDSM. She said she liked older men because the men her age were weak.  He found on here she had a boyfriend so he confronted her. Kirstynne admitted she was cheating. He also had different nude pics that Kirstynne had sent him. Below are pictures of their texts.

Update November 2016 #2: A 3rd man contacted us and said he had also recently had sex with Kirstynne and she did the same thing to him. He provided nude pics that Kirstynne sent him and new social media accounts that she had set up

Kirstynne talks about the times they have had sex
Proof that Kirstynne was meeting a guy and cheating
Kirstynne tries to lie about having a boyfriend



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73 Replies to “Is Kirstynne Jo MacCune a player or a cheater?”

  1. She’s single and not cheating. You shouldn’t be able to mess up someone’s life just because they decided they didn’t want to sleep with you.

  2. She played the same games with me. We talked on tinder and she sent me dirty pics. If anyone doesn’t believe me I can share them

  3. We’ve had sex and she told me today she has a boyfriend and was cheating with me. It sucks because she was playing me too. I will send these guys the proof so they can see it

  4. Whoever has proof of this I’d like to see because I think it’s bullshit
    (phone number removed. We not allow you post personal info in comments. If you want to share you must contact us)

  5. Sounds like Blake got involved with the wrong broad. Might be too much woman for you haha.

  6. ive talked to her too, nudes sent to me, same as the rest. She admitted to playing a bunch of guys at once when I confronted her. Stay away, guys

  7. Also sent me nudes and then admitted that she was playing several guys at once. All she does is lie. Stay away. If she’s your girl, run away.

  8. I will send them pictures of her text messages. If you don’t believe that then you really are as much of a pussy as she said.

  9. This person say review not true and threaten people. We not allow posts to threaten people so it removed.

  10. Find me on facebook and show me this proof for real. This is all BS. I’ll take on anyone pulling this crap.

  11. HAHAHA. He is totally getting cheated on pics and everything and he still doesn’t believe it. What a fucking loser. GO CUBS!

  12. Maybe well should get together and start a private FB group where we can upload all the nudes, texts and snaps that shes sent to all of us.

  13. I am not joining any group or contacting anyone on Facebook. If her boyfriend stays with her that just proves he is as stupid as she said. I feel sorry for the guy but I am not giving him my info

  14. (info removed. We not allow you post personal info in comments. If you want to share you must contact us)

  15. How do we know any nudes even got sent in. We only have proof of the text conversation.

  16. Hope she got tested too because I know condoms were never a concern when she was with me

  17. I heard she is trying to get this taken down. She wasted my time a year ago and then again last month. She is a liar and a cheater. I you take her down I still have the dirty pics she sent me so I will just post those on 4chan.

  18. She’s not a terrible person, but she has some problems and most of what’s been said here about her is true. She’s got body issues and daddy issues, and has problems with honesty. The boyfriend (Blake) took her back after he found about all the lies and cheating, which is pretty amazing by itself. The rumors are that they are having problems though, and I wouldn’t imagine that it its going to last. She’s just really insecure and really immature. He’s not a lot different. She’s got some pretty wild fantasies and isn’t shy about sharing them. None of that makes her awful, but she’s got a lot to learn about how to treat people. She just lied to so many people and that’s how she ended up here. No one really cares if you want to have fun and be casual, or even have your cake and eat it too. But no one likes to be lied to and jerked around.

  19. Yeah she definitely has some insecurity issues and seems to use sex for validation. I’m not sure all of her fantasies are coming from a healthy position. Definitely needs to figure out what she’s doing and what she wants and figure out how to be straight up with people. She seems nice enough but has some serious growing up to do. Doesn’t sound like the boyfriend is the best thing for her. She doesn’t need more drama and issues.

  20. Its funny, her fantasies are all about alpha men being rough with her, and she gets into a relationship with such an immature beta male. Shows how much stuff she has to work out and learn about herself.

  21. So who else is still fucking around with her? It’s funny because she’s been with this guy for a few months and he still has no idea I’m texting her and she’s sending me nudes everyday. Still a good fuck for anyone who wants to give it a run

  22. I saw her recently. Didn’t meet up with her or anything, just happened to see her someplace. She’s either been hitting the beer and holiday treats hard, or she’s knocked up. Poor girl, was pretty and good in bed. I guess this is a lesson in all kinds of life choices.

  23. This woman is crazy. Can you imagine how hard it must be for the people that work with her and have to deal with her every day?

    I am glad I stopped fucking with her when I found out she was cheating. Looks like I dodged a bullet on that one. Anyone know of a website I can post the dirty pics she sent to me?

    If I was whoever she is with now I would insist on a DNA test before I put my name on the birth certificate

  24. I just came here to post the same thing. How many daddy candidates are there?

  25. Please someone tell me that they screen-shotted that pic from IG
    There are all kinds of Tumblr sites for posting pics of people and tagging them

  26. You are an idiot if you post anything to her instagram. They can track those comments back to you. That is why the guy asked for an anonymous place to post them

  27. So let’s recap-
    Guy starts dating this girl who has a history of cheating going all the way back to college.
    Girl is sleeping with at least 3 other people at the same time – CONFIRMED
    Guy sees all the evidence, and decides to stay with her.
    Now girl is pregnant with somebody’s baby.
    Both young, low wage jobs, unmarried, sharing house with other people.
    Soon enough someone is going to be blasting her nudes all over the internet.
    This poor kid is going to have it rough. Its all so sad, and stupid.

  28. I don’t understand why her baby daddy is blaming us. I didn’t even know she was cheating when we hooked up. She lied to me just the same as she is lying to you.

  29. There are dates in both the review and on the comments. Reading all the information before asking questions often helps people

  30. A friend saw her down in OTR recently but didn’t see her with any guy

  31. It looks like any reference of her is gone from the boyfriends fb and Instagram. Did that not work out? I guess it’s not surprising but it’s too bad they got a baby involved.

  32. What? It sounds like there are some missing pieces to the puzzle in there. Anyone hooked up with her recently?

  33. I felt bad for her and offered to help her. Started the process to get it taken down to prove I wasn’t playing games. All I wanted was for her to stop lying. The first thing she does is accuse me of trying to blackmail her so I gave up. Expecting someone to be honest and stop playing games isn’t blackmail

  34. Wonder what happened to the guy that was dating her and refusing to believe she was cheating on him.

  35. Was she still overweight when you saw her? Last time I saw her she had gained a lot

  36. She’s using her middle name on social media now. She thinks that she’s a beer blogger, and is still allowing multiple guys to use her as a semen recepticle.

  37. Was “dating” her for a little while. things seemed serious till she just stopped responding to all my messages and until I finally had to send an aggressive message and all I got back was “I have feelings for someone else” and havent heard from her since. Didnt even have the gut to brake up with me just stop talking to me and let me figure it out

  38. Spent some time with her over the summer and had some good times. One day she just stopped replying. Finally, when pressed, she admitted that she’d messing around with a few different guys at the same time. She’s learned to only use snapchat now so that she can avoid getting caught and having all her lies put up on sites like this. She’s just a plain liar, and generally trash. Good in bed, but that’s all she’s worth.

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