Is Kirilka Simeonova aka Kira Imholte a player?

Name: Kirilka Simeonova
Other Names: Kira Imholte

Phone: 513-378-4174 5133784174
According to the emails we saw Karamila wrote a guy but refused to send her pics. He said he wasn’t interested and she continued harassing him, cursing and calling him names.

Does anyone have pics of this possible player?

Update: Another man wrote and provided more info about Kara, said we had her name wrong. She was foreign and crazy. The messages he sent showed he tried talking to her and everything he said she twisted and tried making it sound like her wanted to hurt her. The messages sounded very paranoid.

Update 2018: Kirilka is posting that this was created by someone she used to work for. It was not. We have emails and text messages from the two men she harrassed. The messages show what they claimed was true. These were men she met through dating sites.



2 thoughts on “Is Kirilka Simeonova aka Kira Imholte a player?

  1. This is so crazy. I just got done talking to her but she told me her name is Kira. She went nutso on me. Called me names and everything like the other guy and wouldn't leave me alone so I decided to google here and found your website. Said she was an immigrant and cheating on some guy she was living with. She did send me pics though, I will send them to you.

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