Is Kimberly Disspain a player?

Name: Kimberly Disspain
Other Names: Kimberly Ann
Physical Description: 5’8, 36DD and fake breasts
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Email: moc.o1685830353ohay@1685830353niaps1685830353sidk1685830353
Phone: 404-702-3113

Kimberly met a man on Tinder looking for a hook up. The messages show she was into really crazy sex. Being hit and choked. She told the guy she couldn’t find someone rough enough and liked to be slapped and choked. She also talked about money and wanting someone who was “generous”. Kimberly sent the man a lot of dirty pics which he showed us as proof. Kimberly and the man met and had sex. After they made plans to meet a few more times but Kimberly kept canceling on the man.

Is Kimberly a player?

3 Replies to “Is Kimberly Disspain a player?”

  1. Yes. She’s a liar and was probably just looking for some sleazy cash. That’s her MO.

  2. Yes, she’s a piece of work. Doesn’t have a job and can’t pay her bills. She will do anything to make some money, even if it’s illegal.

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