Is Kim Kelly Jager a player or a cheater?

  Kim Kelly Jager
Name: Kim Kelly
Other Names: Kim Jager, stamina4me, KKDJAGER
Physical Description: 5’7, 150, 36B
Location: Alexandria, Kentucky USA
Phone: 859-240-2921
Dating Profiles:

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240. I meet Kim online and we hit it off pretty well. Talked a lot and she sent me some naughty pics. We made plans to meet a few times and she kept canceling. Then she just completely ghosted. Heard from someone else she was already dating a guy named Tim and cheating on him but I don’t know if that is true.

Kim Kelly Jager

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2 Replies to “Is Kim Kelly Jager a player or a cheater?”

  1. Kim is a single woman. It sounds like this guy is mad that she didn’t meet him. Sorry fella, chatting and exchanging pics isn’t a relationship.

  2. We find information the time Kim messaging with the man who review Kim she in a relationship. It is up to readers to decide what kind of person Kim is when she lead man on while in relationship with different man.

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