Is Kim Day a crazy?

Name: Kim Day
Other Names: FiestyItalia
Physical Description: dark hair, average height, slim build, tattoos
Location: Rochester New York USA
Phone Number: 818-306-7424

A man met Kim Day on an adult website. They agreed to meet and have sex but the man says afterwards Kim went crazy. Screenshots of their messages show that Kim often sent texts that didn’t make sense and messaged about conspiracy theories. The man finally had to block Kim Day.

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Update February 2023: A man contacted us asking for more information about Kim Day. He said after weeks of talking they had made plans to meet and Kim canceled at the last minute. He did not write a new review or give any new details.

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  1. That sounds like the woman I am talking. We have been talking for a few weeks but she won’t meet or give me her phone number? Do you have a picture of her? What website did they meet on?

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