Is Kay Finkelstein a player or a scammer?

Name: Kay Finkelstein

Birthday: 1973

Physical Description: 5’6, Asian
Location: Florence Kentucky USA
Phone Number: 859-322-6006
Kay met a man on a dating app. Messages show they talked for awhile and planned to meet for a date. She continued texting him and asks lots of questions about his job and how much money he made. She never showed up for the date and stop responding to his messages.
Do you think that Kay Finkelstein is a scammer or a player?

2 Replies to “Is Kay Finkelstein a player or a scammer?”

  1. I don’t know who runs this but thanks for warning people about what happened to me. Stay away from this scammer

  2. She is definitely a gold digger or scammer. We were talking on the phone and she has a really thick accent. She avoided answering any personal questions and like the other guy said was interested in what kind of job I had and she found out what I did for a living she hung up on me. I thought we just got disconnected but I haven’t heard from her since and now I found this.

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