Is Kathleen Jones a player?

Name: Kathleen Jones
Other Names: Kat Jones
Birthday: 1975
Physical Description: redhead 5 foot 3 and about 124
Location: Oswego Illinois USA
Email: moc.l1685825166iamg@16858251660102l1685825166i.lri1685825166gredn1685825166ow1685825166
Phone: 630-200-5329
Dating Profiles:
Other Links:

Review: Kathleen likes to talk about values and integrity but it is all a lie. She leads people on and then ghosts with no regards to how people feel. Whether she is boxing or dating she just likes to hurt people.

The screenshots show Kathleen talked to a man for weeks and then stopped responding to his messages with no cause we could see. Do you think Kathleen Jones is a player? Leave a comment below.

2 Replies to “Is Kathleen Jones a player?”

  1. Yes I agree with that statement. She will just disappear and then just reappear like nothing happened.

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