Is Karlie Douglas a player or a cheater?

Name: Karlie Douglas
Other Names: Karlie Michelle Douglas
Location: Louisville Kentucky USA
Email: moc.l1685661865iamto1685661865h@sal1685661865guod_1685661865eilra1685661865K1685661865
Phone: 502-310-0387
Dating Profiles:

Karlie had met a guy on Tinder and sent him lots of dirty pics (some we couldn’t post). They agreed to meet for sex but Karlie didn’t want to come to his house so the guy got a hotel room. Karlie never showed up. She responded to his texts messages a few days later and said she had a boyfriend.

Is Karlie a player or a cheater?




6 Replies to “Is Karlie Douglas a player or a cheater?”

  1. Hey Karlie’s b/f? What about her showing her stuff to everyone behind your back?

  2. Other than her boobs, she’s not got much going for her – this is what chicks on those kinda sites do – get bored, feel neglected at home, get horny, get online to mess with guys to get themselves off and boost their ego, then laugh it off and forget about what they’ve said/promised. No big deal, right? Out these bioches!

  3. She does not have a boyfriend she lied to the guy because she did not wanna sleep with him and didn’t wanna hurt is feelings and this is what she gets for that.. Wow a man gets his ego hurt so he does way to be a man

  4. So then she is a liar and a player instead of a cheater. Glad people out there are warning us about women like here.

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