Is Karen Kelley a player?

Name: Karen Kelley
Other Names: Kelley Karen
Birthday: 5’5” 135 34DD
Physical Description:
Location: Denver, Colorado USA
Phone: 720-273-8565

Karen met a man on Tinder and said her name was Kelley. She said she was looking for someone to have sex with and they talked about the sex she was into. They exchanged numbers and texted then agreed to meet. Kelley never showed up or responded to the man after that. When we traced the phone number and found she had lied about her name and it was really Karen.


One Reply to “Is Karen Kelley a player?”

  1. Yes!!!! But player is a incredible understatement! No moral fiber what so ever! The devil walks and talks and her name is Karen Anne Kelley (AKA-Kelley) This girl is one very pretty man eating slut. Has cheated on every man she has ever claimed to be in a relationship with!

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