Name: Karen
Physical Description: brunette, slim
Location: Cincinnati Ohio USA
Phone Number: 513-787-6350‬
Karen met a man online and after talking online for a few weeks they exchanged phone numbers. What happened next is hard to describe. They talked and then without warning the messages show Karen started cursing at the man and accusing him of doing horrible things. The messages don’t show any reason for Karen to act like that or treat the man that. The man thinks that Karen is mentally ill and wanted his review to warn others.
Do you think Karen is a crazy?
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2 Replies to “Is Karen a crazy?”

  1. Not at all you don’t say weather the messages were text or calls my X said his X was crazy and that she stabbed him with an antenna that went between his ribs now my thought is that had to be some serious force right? So what did you do to her? I ask, and he becomes irrate and defensive hmmmm but let’s get real women don’t ordinarily behave in a manner like that unless the”so called man” has provoked her!!! and that’s the bottom line come on the stop the smearing campaigns already

  2. We require proof before allowing someone to write a review. We do not share that proof to protect the person writing the review.

    In several pages of messages we could not find anywhere the man provoked this woman.

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