Is Justine Nichole Lynn Davis aka Juda Roxy a player?


Name: Justine Nichole Lynn Davis
Other Names: Juda Roxy and JUDAXOROXY
Location: Cleveland, OH
Description: blonde hair, blue/green eyes, 5foot 9, 150lbs
Email: and
Location: Cleveland, OH
Phone: 216-592-9183

In the emails shown to us Juda describes herself as blond,  5′ 9″, 150lbs and loving anything that has to do with BDSM. She and the guy responded some but she never sent her pics as she had said she would. Juda would text him but whenever he tried calling she wouldn’t answer.

So is Juda a fake or a player? Does anyone have a pic of her?

Update 2015: Another man contacted us and stated that Justine scammed him out of several hundred dollars. He had text messages showing she talked about borrowing money. He included the only pic he had of her


5 thoughts on “Is Justine Nichole Lynn Davis aka Juda Roxy a player?

  1. Ewww….trick even was trading sex for clothes while she was 7 months pregnant in cars parked at fast food places

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