Is Julia Fabiani a player?

Name: Julia Fabiana
Description:  5’4″, 140, size 8, 34D
Location: Lexington, KY
Email: moc.l1695434827iamg@1695434827inaib1695434827afbvj1695434827
Dating Profiles:
Julia met a guy on Tinder and they exchanged numbers. The messages show they talked about hooking up and made plans to meet but Julia didn’t show. She later said she decided to go to a party instead. The idiot made plans to meet her again and she didn’t show a second time.

One Reply to “Is Julia Fabiani a player?”

  1. Little girls playing games. She probably just needed to rub one out, so she found a sucker to talk dirty to her and once she felt relief she felt guilty and bailed on the whole idea. That’s what chicks do. Don’t believe everything someone texts or emails you – meet them early on – in person to make sure they’re for real. Save yourself some wasted time.

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