Is Josh Braasch a player?

Name: Josh Braasch
Email: moc.l1695432115iamg@1695432115elibo1695432115mhcsa1695432115arb1695432115

According to the emails we received Josh wrote another man on Craigslist pretending to be a woman and wanted to trade pics. We included the pics he used in the ad below.

Does anyone know anything about this possible gay guy scamming other men?

Update: We added additional pictures of Josh that were sent to us by a couple claiming he also tried to scam them pretending to be a woman.

Josh Braasch moc.l1695432115iamg@1695432115elibo1695432115mhcsa1695432115arb1695432115

9 Replies to “Is Josh Braasch a player?”

  1. This man has 3 kids with 3 different woman! As far as I know he is not gay, but who knows may be bi-sexual.

  2. He posts on the forum of a swing club in Cincinnati called Club 440. There are a lot of fakes on there.

  3. This man far from gay most you are probably his exs trying start shit… remove this post

  4. Josh is the most horrible excuse for a human being I have ever met. I dated him for 2 years and I'd give anything to get them back… He constantly cheated on me (via text and real life ), lied to me, and went thru my phone every time we were together, texting all my friends asking for dirty pics and three ways.. He made my life a living hell and by the end of our relationship I could barely look at him. He never showers…. His mom's house smells like cat piss… He LOVES being FUCKED IN THE ASS. HE BEGGED ME TO BUY A STRAP ON SO I COULD FUCK HIM. He constantly got in craigslist looking for men to mess with and he'd use MY PICS. I have found out so much I never knew about in juss the week we haven't been together. I hate him and hope he rots in hell. He does have 3 kids with 3 different women, and one of them is the only one he sees and cares about. He's pathetic and PEOPLE BEWARE BC HE IS A DOWN RIGHT LIAR AND CON ARTIST.

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