Is Jessica Stone aka Megan Carl a player?

Name: Megan Carl and Jessica Stone
Email: moc.l1685481914iamg@16854819144enot1685481914sacis1685481914sej1685481914 and moc.l1685481914iamg@1685481914lracm1685481914m1685481914

According to emails reported to us a guy places an ad on Craigslist because he is visiting a new city and wants to meet someone to have sex with. Jessica answers the ad and they agree to meet. He sets up dinner reservations and then she never arrives. He only has the picture above and her email address. So he forwards her emails to us. The emails show her wanting to know about his business and wanting a special arrangement.

Do you know Jessica Stone? Is she real?

Update: Thanks to a tip from a reader we now think she may be real and just a player. The reader suggested that her real name is Megan Carl. Our internet elves found links between Jessica Stone and Megan Carl. They also provided the pics in the album below.

Does anyone know what Jessica/Megan’s game is?


Jessica Stone aka Megan Carl moc.l1685481914iamg@16854819144enot1685481914sacis1685481914sej1685481914 moc.l1685481914iamg@1685481914lracm1685481914m1685481914

2 Replies to “Is Jessica Stone aka Megan Carl a player?”

  1. I did not respond to such a Craigslist ad, I am not the same person as Jessica Stone (an old friend who also never responded to such an ad and doesn't even use that e-mail address), this post is defamatory, and I have reported it.

  2. That is curious because the email used to link to Jessica Stone who sent those pictures when answering a sex personal. While your friend may claim she never answered such an ad, we have the emails to prove it.

    If you are a different person you nay have your email removed by sending us a picture of yourself holding up a sign that has your email address written on it.

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