Is Jessica Smith mommyof38921 a player?

Name: Jessica Smith
Email: moc.o1695429272ohay@1695429272129831695429272foymm1695429272om1695429272

The email reported to us show that Jessica wrote a guy saying she was physically fit but wouldn’t send her pic for awhile. After talking for quite awhile she finally sent the pics (posted) he feels like she lied to him about her appearance. He reported her to us so she wouldn’t do this to others.

Do you think Jessica lied or misled him?

Jessica Smith moc.o1695429272ohay@1695429272129831695429272foymm1695429272om1695429272

2 Replies to “Is Jessica Smith mommyof38921 a player?”

  1. Seriously, how the fuck does that make her a player??? You guys are full of shit! Oh and by the way I'm totally screenshotting this and saving it to my own website. I mean really??? is this your "PROOF"? I hope you don't post this cuz it will only be further proof that your site is FULL OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are nothing but woman hating dicks! Guess you've never been lucky with the ladies huh?

    You'll get an email shortly showing what I had to say (which I'm sure you pussy motherfuckers won't print). You only share what you want and after months of research it's clear. Fuck you!!! And good luck tracking me….bahahahah!!!

  2. We are not passing judgement, only providing the information shared with us and allowing others to make up their own minds.

    Many do consider a woman who refuses to send her pics and describes herself as fit but turns out to be overweight and shaped like a pear to be a player.

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